Mr. Smooth

Mr. Smooth is on the move on the international club style ballroom scene. Originally from Inkster, Michigan he teaches international club style ballroom dancing, a very popular style of partner dancing seen at many dance functions and clubs throughout the Great Lakes states in the Midwest. It is an eclectic mix, fusion, and hybrid of dance elements borrowed from other popular dances ... Cha, Cha, Argentine Tango, Salsa, etc. He teaches his particular form of it along with Graystone, Bop, and many popular hustle line dances in the metropolitan Detroit, Michigan area. He is internationally known for the grace, fluidity and precision on the dance floor. It is a sheer pleasure to watch and experience. It is no wonder so many have dawned and labeled a name for him … “Mr. Smooth.”

He has dedicated over 10 years to developing his unique style of dance, which is fast spreading throughout the United States to cities such as Los Angeles, Charlotte, Cleveland, and a host of other U.S. cities. Remarkably, he has also seen his style develop and taken root internationally as Canadians and those in Mexico have taken interest into the Mr. Smooth style of dance. His future interests include the continued expansion of the Mr. Smooth International Club Style Ballroom Dance into other parts of the world; thus, giving it an even more international flavor.