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Laura Goodspeed

I’m here telling you this story, and I don’t mean no malice,
But “Mr. Smooth” taught me to dance…
and took me from the (dance) pits to the Palace!

George & Princess Murry

The lessons my wife Princess and I took under your direction not only gave me the skills to be a decent ballroom dancer (I know you thought I’d never get it) but it also introduced me to many others on the local ballroom scene. I cherish the memories of my early classes at the rec center in Inkster and at Club Yesterday’s. What fun we had practicing what we learned and socialized during the open dance after class! I met and made so many new friends.

Jee Jee

You've created a space for me to do something that's ingrained in my Spirit... DANCE!
Thank you from the bottom to the tip top of my heart.

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